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Mounting                                                  : Top / Side

Float material                                           : SS304/SS316

Terminal Enclosure                                  : Cast. Aluminum IP66

Dial Enclosure                                         : Cast Aluminum IP 66

Calibrated Dial                                         : Aluminum, White powder coated with black Graduations &


Process Connection Material                  : CS / SS304 / SS316

Process connection size                         :  3” / 4” 150 # Flange

Rope                                                         : SS304/SS316

Range                                                       : 1000 to 10,000 mm

Accuracy                                                  : ±10mm

Max Operating pressure of float               : Atm.

Maximum operating temperature              : 150°C

Minimum Specific gravity of fluid              : 0.8

Accessories                                              : Still Well

Product   /   Level   /  LGD .


It consists of a float, tied to a SS wire rope, other side of which is wound on a drum carrying constant torque spring, to maintain the rope under continuous tension. Due to change in
liquid level the float rises or falls and rotates the drum. This motion is transmitted thru gear mechanism to a pointer moving over a calibrated dial to display level in meters, Digital / Analogue output can also be provided for Switching & Transmitting as an option.


  • Over ground / overhead storage tanks
  • Water / DM water storage tanks
  • Storage tanks for oil & petroleum products
  • All non-hazardous & non-pressurized tanks


  • Weather-proof dial enclosure & Terminal housing
  • Guided & unguided construction available


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  Level gauge-Dial type.